KERRANG! ISSUE 145 April 1987

BLOOD FEAST: ‘Kill For Pleasure’ (New Renaissance NRR 16)

Bloodfeast are a New Jersey Thrash Metal quintet who have garnered a sizeable following in the area through some intense live performances. And I m happy to say that, for the most part, this intensity is maintained on the band’s debut vinyl outing, a record let down only by the weak production.

A fairly young group Blood Feast aren’t going for top honours in dazzling originality or

virtuosity as yet. They play heads-down, give-’em-the-business Thrash, sustaining a high level of energy throughout. Mike Basden and Adam Tranquilli are more than competent guitarists, delivering some suitably heavy riffing, while vocalist Gary Markovitch lays down an ever-changing series of both shrieks and growls.

One would have to own the band’s original demo tape to be familiar with the older material present on the LP, but take it from me that the newer numbers featured on this record indicate some growth in the song-writing department, with different rhythms being introduced into the full-speed-only structures. Best of the bunch are ‘Vampire’, with its Celtic Frost influence, ‘Venomous Death’ and ‘RIP.’.

With a better sound and continued growth in the song writing dept., Blood Feast could go places.


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