WITCHFINDER GENERAL ‘Death Penalty’ (Heavy Metal HMR IP 8)

AFTER the interminable dross of recent albums from HM Records, what a relief it is to hear these two releases,

Witchfinder General are, without doubt, the best band yet to sign with this midlands label. A quartet with decidedly devilry designs, ‘Death Penalty’ proves just how much potential they’ve got. Possessing a murky, stark edge, the six tracks herein bluster and howl in time- honoured early Sabs/Angel Witch tradition. vocalist Zeeb Parkes and axeman Phil Cope are particularly strong influences, as the band roar through a revamped version of their very first single, ‘Burning A Sinner’, plus the likes of the eponymous Witchfinder General’, and the gruesome ‘RIP’.

Indeed the only thing stopping ‘DP’ from really taking off is that the recordings do sound as if they were rushed through. Producer Peter Hinton, whose proven to be so adept in the past at gaining maximum effect in the studio, seems barely to scratch the surface here – a direct result, I’m sure, of the entire project being forced through in just three days.

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