WILD DOGS ‘Wild Dogs’ (Shrapnel 1003 Import)

THESE Wild Dogs (a quartet from Oregon) are not for those who expect a little intelligence with their music. And, thank goodness (or whoever else is responsible) for that! Quite honestly, when a band comes along and recycles old Purple/Priest licks with this much freshness as this lot, then it’s almost as if they’ve never been heard before anyway.

There’s enough absolutely astounding (yes, you heard correctly – ASTOUNDING) heaviness herein to satisfy even the most crucifixion- crazed metal hound. ‘Take Another Prisoner’, for instance, begins with a buzz-saw of guitars from Jeff Mark, before imploding into a sing-a-long chain-mail anthem that comes on a manner so redolent of prime Rods. indeed, this is a significant influence all around, ‘cos the entire feel of ‘Wild Dogs’ is rather akin to that of the New York trio’s Arista album of the same title last year.
The difference, though, is that THIS piece of vinyl manages to combine class instrumentalism and tasty songs WHILST STILL RETAINING THAT ESSENTIAL RAGGED EDGE! When this lot burn the barrels, they make sure inflammable material is still stuffed inside.

Of course, as I’ve said, you’ll have heard it all before. But, whereas most bands who bash out old stuff never rise above mimicry, with ‘Wild Dogs’, the howl is matched by the bite. ‘Life Is Just A Game’, ‘The Tonight Show” (whom some of you may remember from ‘US Metal Volume Ill last year). ‘Never Gonna Stop’, and ‘You Can’t Escape Your Lies’ are the pick of the crop on show—and a choice harvesting of plump plaster-casts it is too.

So, go on, give this kanine krew some houseroom. ‘Wild Dogs’ is guaranteed to be on the LOUD side of apocalyptic.

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