Armed And Ready – Kerrang! KAREN HARVEY

ANOTHER NEW heavy rock band from the talent-filled North, this time based around the Burnley /Bradford area.
The line-up. Steve McCann (vocals), Paul Hartley (guitar and keyboards), Pete Mayhew (lead guitar), Chris Bartlett (bass) and Peter Emmonds (drums), has been together for about two years and has managed to create favourable interest.

Turbo. you may remember, featured on the ‘New Electric Warriors’ album and the following nationwide tour which ended with a headlining gig at London’s Marquee. The success of that venture led to the band recording their first single on the Carso label in May 1981. The tracks included are ‘Stallion’. ‘Runnin’, and ‘Take My Life’ and, according to the band it’s “enjoying great success in various HM charts up end down the country.”

Hoping to turn professional, Turbo have made a video of themselves in an attempt to sway record company interest and they’re still searching for gigs around the country.

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