Live @ Whites, Norwich 1983 DAVID LING
FOR THOSE who don’t yet know, Tredegar are a new band formed by original Budgie men Ray Phillips (drums) and Tony Bourge (guitar).
They seem to be creating quite a stir at the moment on the pub n’ club circuit. When they played at my local (even though all good HM fans were al Donington Park) they pulled a fair crowd and got called back for four encores.

This was the first time I’d seen ’em and I was quite impressed too.

‘The Alchemist’ kicked off proceedings. I’d expected them to open with a Budgie cover to get the crowd on their side, but this original was an interesting Led Zeppelins boogie fusion.

‘The Warrior ‘wasn’t quite as good, being a piece of average rifferama, but ‘Which Way To Go’ more than made up for it with some great harmonies and refined guitarwork.

In amongst their own numbers they came up with four magnificent Budgie oldies -‘Hot As A Docker’s Armpit’, ‘Parents’, with an excellent blues solo from Tony Bourge. ‘Breadfan’ as it should be played and a spine-tingling, short version of ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’
To be honest I can’t see them being massive but it they are prepared to keep up the hard work then they could enjoy a lengthy stay in the second division – Check ’em out.

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