Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982

“Tranzzam have leapt to prominence in the Oxfordshire rock scene over the last few months. Now they are probably the biggest draw at Oxford’s only decent rock venue, the Pennyfarthing pub.
On their debut gig they broke the house record for a Thursday and seem to have amassed a healthy following of fans which, for a small band is pretty rare around here.

The band are
· Tiff pickford – lead vocals (20)
· Pete Scott-Russel – lead guitar (19)
· Rob Lewis – bass (19)
· Andy Orme – drums (16)
The band started out in 1979 as Supernaut, straight after leaving school, playing local gigs and receiving ‘energetic’ reaction (!) But then exiled themselves for eight months reappearing with a new moniker, line up and material.

Their original drummer took over vocals and with excellent material Tranzzam were born. In late ’81 a demo was recorded at Windrush studios, but recently an improved quality 4-track with two different songs was finished at spaceward studios, Cambridge. Its highlights are ‘Lionheart’, high on originality, and the final track ‘Tranzzam’, with its excellent riff. The band play hard and heavy metal, featuring lead breaks hot enough to burn yer lugs.

Definitely on and up at the moment, Tranzzam, told me the demo had already elicited enthusiastic response from bronze records and a single seems imminent. They recently triumphed at the local Witney Rock Festival and it’s not hard to see why – their infectious enthusiasm and crowd rapport are a great feature of their live set and their self-confidence and ability stand them a good chance of ‘making it’.”

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