Armed And Ready – Kerrang! August 1982 PAUL MAHER

THIS MANCUNIAN gang of rabble-rousers bear no relation to a certain bunch of NY rockabilies despite their name.

Formed a year ago the line-up has gone through numerous changes, though has now stabilised at David Goodlad (guitar and vocals), Dave ‘Porky’ Rourke (guitar and vocals), Syd (bass) and Mark Maher (drums) – no relation. Artists they admire are Hendrix, late Beatles and the obligatory ZZ Top.

The band spend up to 40 hours a week rehearsing in a studio but wish to perfect their own sound before recording in earnest. Veterns of 50 gigs, they now average one per week, though due to cash shortages they don’t go in for superfluous flashbombs. They’re also anxious to dispel rumours that they got their name from the film of the same title. It was, in fact, taken from a Chinese ceremony in which straw dogs were burnt to symbolise mortality (we live and learn).

Live they use dynamic lead workouts and well chosen covers (‘All Along The Watchtower’, ‘Red House’ and ‘Johnny B Goode’) along with originals such as ‘Born A Stranger’, smacking of Free and Whitesnake, while for an encore they run through ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ which neatly rounds off a 10-song set.

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