Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982 DAVE DICKSON

STATIC first saw the light of day three years ago in Woking. Surrey, but the band as it appears today is a more recent incarnation. taking shape some 18 months ago when Andy Rose (bass) and Kieran McCleary (drums) came in as re-placements for the previous rhythm sec-tion joining Noel Jones (lead vocals. guitar and synthesiser) and Paddy Cham-bers (lead guitar) to complete the present line-up.

As a result of various plugs on local radio advertising their gigs and playing their demos they’ve received numerous promises of deals and singles without ever seeing an end-product in the shape of a piece of vinyl. However, they now in-tend to release a single under their own steam. with Voice on the Line’ the most likely choice for the A-side.

On the live front, the band have sup-ported Trust at the Marquee Club and opened for Weapon who accompanied Motorhead on their ‘Ace of Spades’ four, while in the pipeline are gigs with the ever-present Jackie Lynton Band. Nor-mally, though, Static concentrate on the pub circuit building up a following in the North Surrey South London area gigging whenever and wherever possible.

Static’s music, written by Noel and Paddy, encompasses all the group’s musical influences, from hard rock through to blues and punk, while still re-maining accessible to listeners outside these spheres.

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