Kerrang! Issue 45 – July 1983

CINTRON: ‘Cintron’ (In Rock 1982 1-1R Import)

‘Let’s get back to the way rock used to be…’
Well, do you wanna do the time- warp and hop back to the dazzling days of Purple, Zeppelin, Mountain, Grand Funk etc? If not then can I recommend liberal doses of ‘Cintron’, as a means of curing this deficiency.

Cintron aren’t merely turning the clock back, they’re taking a direct route from the heritage of ‘first generation Heavy Rock’, giving it a modern perspective, and in doing so making much fresher sounds than the majority of today’s Priest / Motorhead clones.
This New York trio genuinely EXCITE me, ‘cos I think they’ve the basic material to be enormous. Look at it this way. Shunted into a rather twee production strait-jacket, this mini-LP still bristles and bustles in a most remarkable manner.

‘Never To Return’ weaves and bobs through a melodic franchise, at once offering a heroic hook-line, strong enough to bait even the most cynical pop fish whilst giving guitarist George Cintron considerable freedom to display his authoritative Page-esque virtuosity. ‘Fortunate Son’ is a rollicking reworking of the old Creedence song, and both ‘Getaway’ plus ‘Going Crazy’ mine a rich Hard Rock seam. ‘Cintron. A legend for the 8Os’.

You’d better believe it, buddy!

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