Armed And Ready – Kerrang! ROBERT ROBERTSON

FORMED A year ago. Snakebite have become one of the top rock bands north of the border. Their combination of heavy rock and subtle melody has given them the biggest rock following in lowland Scotland.

The Livingstone based group of Gary Boag (bass), Grant Hawthorns (vocals), Bobby Irvine (lead guitar), Gordon Duff (drums) and John Boag (rhythm guitar) cite Zeppelin and Lizzy as predominant musical influences and, while covers of these groups songs made up the majority of their early sets, as the music matured so self-penned songs pushed out the classics

On the strength of a demo tape played on a local radio station the group accumulated more requests than established stars like AC/DC and Motorhead and a recording session duly followed at Edinburgh’s REL studios (home of Aneka and Exploited products) in February last year. ‘Black Horizons’, ‘Once Ain’t Enough’, ‘Angels’ and ‘Fight For Yourselves’ were the tracks recorded and all still feature in the live show.

Then after an extensive summer of sell-out gigs, including a prestigious Edinburgh Nite Club show it was back to REL in November for new recordings.

“The band were very pleased with the finished product,” says guitarist John Boag. “The heavier sound was just what we wanted” and ‘The Message’ an epic of Rush-like grandeur, the individualistic ‘Burning Sky’, the tough ‘Waster’ (about guitarist John Boag) and pick of the bunch ‘Fight For Yourselves’ all augur well for the band’s future.

An English tour, a one-off gig with Diamond Head in Edinburgh and a journey to London in search of a long overdue record deal are the most important items on their agenda. In addition to which they hope to release ‘Burning Sky’, ‘The Waster’ and ‘The Message’ on a limited 1000 pressing and already 400 advance sales have been made.

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