IT’S ‘GAL TIME’ again, folks. After much deliberation, Tracey Lamb’s new band has finally chosen a suitable name. From here an in, they’ll be known as She, And, for coming up with the suggestion, Gary Solomon of St. Leonards in East Sussex, will be receiving a package comprising an autographed leather cut-off jacket and a signed T-shirt and photo. Lucky fella. The foursome would also like to thank everyone who wrote in with suggestions-even the lewd ones!

In the meantime, having removed the monicker hurdle from their path, She (above, left to right: Suzie Roll, Tracey Lamb, Kat Burbella and Jackie Bodimead) are preparing to make their live debut, a significant event that will happen at London’s Fulham Greyhound later on this month. The band will be playing a set of original material, written by the Lamb/ Burbella team and said to be in the ‘melodic but heavy’ vein. Song titles include `Broken Dream’, Times Are Hard’, ‘Wishing’ and ‘Feel The Power In Me’.

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