Dingwalls, London MALCOLM DOME
SHE’S 16, SHE’S hot and she’s gonna be a star. She is Kelly Chamberlain, vocalist with exceptionally youthful Leicester five-piece Satan’s Daughter.

Let me tell you about Satan’s Daughter. This lot were the opening act at Dingwalls’ first ‘Heavy Metal Audition Night’ back in March (see review, issue 65), proving much the most palatable fare on an otherwise insipid bill. Nearly three months later, they were back at the ‘Wall, for one of the venue’s weekly Wednesday Metal nights, supporting the much-troubled She and showing an immeasurable improvement, even in such a short space of time.

Ms Chamberlain is their most obvious selling point. Wearing an alluringly short leather miniskirt (watch those heart palpitations, lads, stockings (but sadly no suspenders), and ankle boots, she had the gear, body and confidence to sensually flaunt herself (and her most pleasingly pliable crotch) in true tease-box fashion.

More to the point, Kelly can sing. At the moment, she lacks the experience to control and direct her vocal talents, but time is on here side. Indeed that also applies to the rest of the band; heck, drummer Gareth Davies is just 14, whilst lead guitarist Marcus Simpson/rhythm guitarist Gary Spencer/bassist Adam King are only 17.

In terms of musicianship, material (such as ‘Dirty Dreams’ and ‘Satan’s Pledge’- too riff -orientated, one-dimensional and derivatively simplistic) and presentation, Satan’s Daughter are tar from satisfactory. There’s a lot of work still to be done with ‘am. But they’re the sort of group into whom it’s clearly worth someone investing time, money and effor

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