SABRE began cutting into the music scene in December 1980; the band being formed around the four-piece nucleus of Allan Angold (drums), Alan ‘Bill’ Beschi (guitar), Nick Fusco (guitar and backing vocals), and Geoff Gillespie (guitar and backing vocals).

After agreeing on a policy of ballsy but melodic rock, the search for a vocalist began. This proved to be a lot easier said than done, but after much auditioning Nick Pyatt joined and they set about recording a demo tape. The finished product was played to A & R people and it received a fair amount of interest from various record companies.

However in November 1981 Nick Pyatt and the band amicably parted company and the search for a replacement began. This was found in Rob Brown (ex Preacher) but a couple of months later he inexplicably left and Sabre were back to square one.

At the beginning of this year the line-up was at last completed, when the vocal talents of John Ward were enlisted, and now, after a length period of rehearsal, Sabre emerge as a rapidly maturing band. Their recording debut will appear in the form of a track on the second Neat compilation album ‘Leadweigt!’ and also in a single release titled ‘Miracle Man’ (also on Neat); the latter being a powerful cut with a barrage of twin lead attack, complemented by a driving rhythm section.

Sabre are at the moment rehearsing for a series of dates in the U.K. and also for some in Denmark where they will be supporting Mercyful Fate. They are also looking for a good manager; the previous one has gone to the U.S.A.

SABRE: ‘Miracle Man’ (Neat)
A long delayed release from this South London lot. Sounds a bit sharper than many Neat singles cut at Impulse, so has the cuttingedge to go with its inherent power. Rough and tough, fast but melodic and definitely worth checking out.

One response to “SABRE

  1. Hi.
    My name’s Geoff Gillespie and I was Sabre’s bassist (that’s me second from the left). Hadn’t seen this in years, nice to see it again. Cheers!

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