Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982 KAREN HARVEY

IT’S SURPRISING how popular heavy rock has grown internationally, with young bands forming in the hope of following the triumphs of their British counterparts.

Renegade are a two year old Swedish band who have high intentions of changing any mythical views that Scandinavia is ABBA land! I first came across the band when they were in Britain checking out our healthy music scene, picking up a few tips and catching some of their favourite bands in action. It was at London’s Marquee that vocalist Bjorn Pehrson (20) told me about Renegade’s contribution to Swedish rock.

The band are: Bjorn; Putte Bergland, bass (17); Ulle Froberg, drums; Stefan Jonsson and Michael Sword, guitars (all at the tender age of 16). A Swedish Def Leppard perhaps? Well, they certainly have time and opportunity on their side! Musically they are full of energy and intuition and perform their traditionally heavy songs in English: ‘Beautiful People’, ‘Never Trust A Woman’ and ‘Killer In The Sky’ are three numbers in their repertoire.

Renegade admit they’ve been “influenced by the NWOBHM” but add that they try to base their songs on melodies!

Planning to tour Sweden this year, the band look forward to reaching the UK soon after. You never know, they might even be able to touch the success their Swedish compatriots, the EF band, just can’t seem to reach. Only time will tell.

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