June 1982 – Review by Geoff Banks
PALLAS `Arrive Alive’ (Granite Wax Records – -Cassette Tape)

ON THE whole, whisky and oil apart, us mob south of Hadrian’s Wall tend not to take too much notice of Scotland, rock being one of Caledonia’s assets most people believe started and finished with the Bay City Rollers.

It is this stupid state of affairs that upset Pallas sufficiently for them to go out and record their own live cassette, primarily for sale at gigs to fans who want a recorded memento. ‘Arrive Alive’ captures the band at the Dial Inn, Glasgow

Musically, Pallas hail from the old school, relying heavily on keyboards and continuous complex rhythm changes, but on ‘Flash Point’ come closer to the rocky side of Jethro Tull than the bland synthesiser meanderings of ELP and their ilk.

To play progressive rock and play it well, demands high musical ability, not least in the rhythm section where the slightest slip could prove fatal. But with Derek Forman on drums and Graeme Murray on bass, Pallas cope easily with intricate rhythms, while guitarist Niall Mathewson and keyboard player Ronnie Brown give the songs texture and the psychotic vocalising of Euan Lowson, most notably on ‘The Ripper’, proves enough to put the willies up the stoutest of men.

August 1982
PALLAS: ‘Arrive Alive’ (Granite Wax).
Very promising start to Pallas’ vinyl career. Catchy with a great hook line- I wouldn’t be in the least art surprised it this made some minor impression on the charts. There, now that’ll put the kiss of death on it. A tastily atmospheric B–side too.

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