Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982

OVERKILL, Shaun Kerby (guitar/vocals), Mick Fowler (guitar/vocals), Paul Nicholson (bass/vocals) and Randle Williams (drums), were formed in and around Andover, Hampshire, two years ago. The first year was spent gigging locally and building up a strong musical identity.

The last sir months however, have seen the band go from strength to strength. A new PA system and backline was purchased. The band also has a full time road crew of four, to run the PA, lights and special effects.
Overkill’s following in Hampshire is second to none. Local gigs sell out weeks before the performance, and coach trips are organised by Rock Appreciation Societies from all over the South.

The demand for information about the band has been so great that an Overkill fan club has been launched.
Due to local demand Overkill released a single, ‘Elemental’ / ‘On My Own’, on their own Killer label. Originally intended as a demo, sold very well.

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