Armed And Ready – Kerrang! June 1982 NICK KEMP

MORTAL DISGUISE hail from Luton. So! No, really, Mortal Disguise, who’ll probably be hitting London as you read this, are one of the most exciting new rock bands around. Something I’ve said countless times before about countless others, I know, but with such a large amount of undiscovered bands around, it’s not surprising that a good 50 per cent of these are going to be pretty hot.

Mortal Disguise came to my attention in the form of a demo package that must rank as one of the most original of all time

– their tape came complete with biography, photo and poster, and the whole collection was attractively packaged in a personalised Cornflakes box…. Yeah, that’s right a bloody Cornflakes box. But despite this distinctly gimmick-free promotional device, the actual contents reek of success. Fast driving rock’n’roll, screaming guitars and melodies that demand attention from the daytime radio DJ’s. One of the recordings was penned by the infamous Gary Holton from the sub-legendary Heavy Metal Kids and, with its typical Holton title, ‘Jimmy Brown’ must be a hot contender to grace the A side of a single.

The band play a highly original brand of hard rock, and explain many local supporters like what they’re getting too…. “There’s a crowd out there who enjoy our sort of music – and we like playing that sort of music”.

The rise of Mortal Disguise seems to be akin to that of Spider, playing around wherever gigs are available and afraid to graft in order to achieve success. It’s always the workers who get there in the end. and I have no doubts about the future of this collection of musicians. Mortal Disguise, a name to watch out for.

JULY 1982

MORTAL DISGUIZE – Mad Hatters, Luton

I’VE ALWAYS maintained that fast. rowdy rock‘n’roIl is the only music that’s gonna survive the current, past and future bogged-down state of this glorious (?) music scene. Mortal Disguize, whilst still in their infancy, are surely able to fulfil my prophecy.

They’re not exactly selling out Hammersmith yet, but in their home town, the band have the dubious status of local superstars. Not really surprising for the set consists of an hour of the finest in rock music. Both self-penned numbers (‘You’ll Never Know When’ being the highlight) and covers like the New York Dolls classic ‘Trash’, and Del Shannon’s ‘Runaway’, both given an electrifying workout. And even songs written exclusively for the band like Jimmy Brown, penned generously by the infamous Gary Holton, who is currently knocking em dead in Norway (?‘).

But the most prominent factor of Mortal Disguize is vocalist Keith Price, off-stage a quiet, reserved p**s-artist, but when unleashed from his cage to grace a stage, a Jekyll & Hyde transformation seems positively tame by comparison. Climbing up whatever is available — lighting rigs are in fact playground climbing frames to this man — Keith growls and bellows his way through a stomping, loud set that invokes mucho dancing. Mortal Disguize are playing a few London shows in the near future, and they’re on at the Mildenhall Festival where I can guarantee they’ll give Saxon a good run for their money. But really, this band are gonna be bloody enormous and I’ll almost stake my illustrious job on the line for that. You’d better start worrying about my pension, lads, either that or don’t let me down!


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