Feature Kerrang! August 1981

KERRANG! ISSUE 17 June 3-16, 1982
MORE – Marquee, London – GEOFF BANKS

EVER SINCE last years Castle Donington appearance, little has been heard from More, save for a couple of none too impressive gigs on the last Sabbath tour brought to a speedy end by some idiot roadie selling off a stage explosion before the gig. This not only blew a six foot hole in the stage but took most of More’s back line with it, hence their non-appearance on the rest of the dates. Add to this the untimely departure of vocalist Paul Day and bassist Brian Day (no relation) and you have the kind of script disaster movies are made of.

Now, however, More are back and not only with a re-vamped line up. Musically there’s been a swing towards a more American type sound with all the rough edges that used to characterise the band rounded oft. New vocalist Nick Stratton is by far the most significant change with his Robert Plant-type vocals contrasting sharply with the old Priest-style singing of Paul Day.

A lot of the old More classics remain, such as ‘Warhead’, ‘Depression’ and ‘Don’t Turn Your Back’, the latter now re-titled ‘Go Home’, but the band’s real strength lies in the new numbers, ‘Trickster’ and ‘Hit And Run’ being obvious examples of the current direction.

They’ve kept the old headbangability but in a more subtle way, a shift highlighted in the encore, a reworking of Hendrix’s ‘Hey Joe’ with guitarist Kenny Cox thrashing out an almost AC/DC rift while the rhythm section of drummer Andy John Burton and new bass player Barry Nicholls drives the song along like the single spinning at 180rpm.

One worthwhile aspect of the old band sorely lacking on this showing, however, is the audience/band camaraderie, but for the new line-up’s debut performance it wasn’t bad. Not The More I used to love but given time…. who knows…

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