Armed And Ready – Kerrang! November 1981 – Geoff Barton

MENDES PREY: Pestilent piledrivers from Pontefract, it has taken many years for Mendes Prey to stabalise their line-up and perfect their ‘fresh and stimulating rock sounds’ – a sound displayed to great effect on their recently recorded five track demo.

Indisputably HR as opposed to HM, to these ears Mendes Prey sound similar to Black Axe and are obviously intent on emulating such bands as UFO with their steady building, definitely dynamic song structure.

Standout number is ‘Drifting’, a not entirely unsuccessful attempt at epic Led Zeppelin balladry. Although overly sentimental in parts and with slightly suspect lyrics (would you credit ‘Think I should cut my hair and cruise into town / Looking so cool in my old school tie’?) in the end you can’t help but be moved by its grace, maturity and gentle ‘Stairway’ -style finish.

The man responsible for the current direction is the only remaining original member, vocalist John Seymour. The oldest of the group at an incredibly ancient 24 and commonly known as ‘Jih’, he’s sung in various local bands since age 17. Joining him in MP are axemen Steve Holt (a veteran of – count ’em – 13 previous groups) and Richard Emslie (he caught the guitar bug when he was given a cheap classical instrument for his 14th birthday).

Rounding out the group is the rhythm section, made up by bassist Tony Boulton (ex-Vardis) and drummer Martin Brough who in his spare time, I’m reliably informed, likes to eat and watch the Nolans (Colleen done medium rare, eh?)

Back in June, Mendes Prey topped a Sounds HM chart compiled by the Bailey Brothers with the aforementioned ‘Drifting’. And this, along with ‘Take Me’, ‘Cross The Water’, ‘Lone Survivor’ and ‘Losin’ Man’ will make up a soon-come self financed EP.

Writes bassist Boulton: ‘At the moment we are in the process of circulating copies of our demo tape to record companies in London as well as playing gigs in as many areas of the country as possible in order to get a larger following’.

Let us Prey….

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