MEDUSA – Armed And Ready, November 1981 – Geoff Barton

“When you’re playing live, you’ve got to have a good set of speakers up your ass…”

A sensible suggestion from Medusa (pictured above), a four-man band based in the Wrathchild territory of Evesham in Worcestershire.

The band started at the beginning of 1979 we hear. Punk was dying but the New Wave still had a hold on the music scene, both locally and nationally. But this didn’t stop Medusa from playing Heavy Metal.

Perpetrators of this firm resolve are Steve Grimmet (vocals), Lance Perkins (guitar), the enigmatically titled ‘B’ (bass) and Eddy Smith (drums). The first two are definitely the stars of the show – Grimmet for his wailing Halfordesque voice and Perkins for his harshly dextrous axework.

These self-styled ‘HM Gorgons’ certainly think big – at their debut gig they unfurled a 30 feet long, 10 feet high backdrop, covering the entire back wall of the Art Centre they were playing.

Medusa’s three-track demo (on Poisonous Venom Records) was recorded for just £30 – most of the bands finances being put into buying a 1KW PA rig and lightshow.

Nevertheless, it’s of excellent quality and although I personally could do without the overly ‘meaningful’ ballad ‘Conquest Of The Skies’ (and are those syndrums I hear?) both ‘Too Far Too Soon’ and ‘Turn To Stone’ are mightily impressive, particularly the latter with its impactful Grimmet vocals.

Also included in the Medusa repertoire, but sadly not on the demo, are such numbers as ‘Forces Of Evil’, ‘Heart Of Hell’, ‘All Night’, ‘Buried Alive’, ‘Lady Killer’ and ‘Burning Love’.

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