Armed And Ready – Kerrang! NICK KELLAP

LAZY BY name but not . . . no that’s too corny, but it’s also true. Lazy, who hail from south Bucks are certainly working hard at making a success of the Yellow Brick Rock ‘n’ Roll Road. As bass player Tony Reel says:
“You’ve got to work hard to get anywhere in anything you do, be it working in a shop or playing in a rock band. We have no illusions as to the dangers of rock ‘ n’ call and, although we love playing live. All the band hold down steady jobs just in case the worst happens.”

A sensible approach for sure, but Lazy live up to the antithesis of their name by working constantly on new songs and perfecting the rendition of their current set. Initially, the band wore heavy make-up, but they’ve new discarded the gimmick due to the obvious comparisons. And because they were worried that fans might not take the music seriously.

“It was grass fun playing under the make-up, we used to think it added a separate identity to the band, but recently people at the gigs have been calling out for specific songs and we realised that it was the music they came to hear, not to laugh or whatever at our made up faces.”

As far as ‘the following’ is concerned the audience speaks out for itself, packing out the local venues and many making a trip into London for Lazy’s frequent appearances is lhwoapitsl The band play hard bltway HM, perfectly suited to current tastes. Though thbti’Ta ready to adept to the oonstansfy moving whims of fickle HM fans – without selling out.
Lazy ere Paul iNaAvoy, mad (guitar/vocals), fan Lyssght (rhythm guitar), Tony Rails (bass) and Grahams Lyster (drums).

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