Kerrang! Issue 46 – July 1983
JAGUAR – Power Games (Neat 1007)

HOW MANY good, young, unsigned British hard rock bands are about at – the moment? Well, there’s Pretty Wicked, Tokyo Blade (formerly Genghis (Khan) and …, and, a great big void!
– Part of the reason for this I’m certain is that so many acts signed to the smaller HM specialist labels are engaged in a pursuit of mediocrity that unfortunately gives the younger club circuit bands a bad impression.

Oh, if only the examples of US combos such as Manowar, Metallica, WASP, or Ratt were held up to the light rather than the likes of Jaguar. Now, I’m not trying to knock this lot as a poor band. Far from it. ‘Power Games’ shows they’ve got considerable talent and promise. But, it’s rather galling to see it all submerged in a welter of blur. Speed is NOT the ultimate goal of rock ‘n’ roll. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Strong material must come first. That’s why Mercyful Fate and Venom (both of – whom hammer-down harder than this pantha division) are so much more impressive.

But, to come down to basics, most of the ten songs herein have little sense of structure, and no semblance of pacing. Sure, the rather thunderous guitar achievements of Garry Pepperd do actually rescue certain numbers (‘Dutch Connection’ and ‘Master Games’ spring to mind), but in the long run there is a distinct element of desperation to be found cross- referenced on each cut. After all, you can only go so far with top-class musicianship but poor material.

if this is the best shot Jaguar can offer, than I’d suggest they get in a good song-smith but quick.

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