Dingwalls. Camden Lock 1983 DAVE DICKSON
IF The Idle Flowers were good at only one thing then that would be creating a ‘fun’ party atmosphere. Fortunately they’re good at a whole lot of other things too, not least writing and performing some damn fine songs, but that element of party is ever -present in their shows. And that, I think, is a very important part of what makes The Idle Flowers such an exciting band to watch. You go away feeling uplifted, a warm glow nestling in your stomach: and that’s what music should do to you.

The last time I saw this band was playing support to Hanoi Rocks at Hammersmith’s rodent-breeding plant, better known as The Klub Foot, since when they seamed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. But now Rene berg and his compadres have returned to the fold with a batch of new songs, which they perform with a fresher, even more vibrant approach.

Their materiel leans heavily in the direction of pop with songs as incessantly toe-tapping as ‘Head Over Heels’ and ‘Without Your Love’. But the difference here, and also why this hand warrants Kerrang! attention, is that the songs are all guitar-based and Rene happens to be a superb craftsman of the fretboard as well as being the possessor of an excellent voice that somehow reminds me of Glenn Tillbrook from Squeeze.

The Idle Flowers are blossoming into a great Glam Rock band, Rene a natural Glam star, with further glamour being presented in the shape of bassist Froze Garcia. Between them they invoke a cheeky, slightly mischievous sense of humour that borders on sexual innuendo; a dimpled smile, a sly wink.. . It’s fun, pure (if that’s the right word) and simple.

You’ll not find scorching gutter solos or senses-shattering drum-beats here but you will get good music liberally sprinkled with hooks and some exquisite guitar runs. If you’re not too far down the road to Metallic Mayhem you should try out The Idle Flowers for size.

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