THE ODDLY named GUIZERJARL is in fact a progressive rock band based in Worcester. As more progressive, techno and pomp outfits appear this lot must stand a good chance of favoring well with the fans of the genre.

The line up is Scott Lannie (keyboards), Kevin Davies (drums), Mark Arnott (guitar), Daffi Williams (bass) and Graham Wilde (vox). With the average age of the band around twenty they display amazing musicianship and songwriting abilities although at the moment I think they’re too close to Genesis for comfort. But it’s the outstanding qualities that convince me that by the time they have found their own musical identity they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

A recently recorded demo. ‘Far From Here’ contains over twenty minutes of music and features four songs from their present set.
They show their Tolkien roots with the opener, ‘Middle Earth’ by far the most successful on the tape. It’s an up-tempo track that rolls along with some catchy themes and a rich synthesiser sound.

Drummer Kevin Davies comes from the Neil Peart school of skin beating utilising all his kit to best advantage. ‘Eye Of The Bow’ starts with soft picking guitar building slowly as the keyboards create an atmospheric backdrop for the guitar soloing. The swirling synths are reminiscent of Rick Wakeman’s early work.

‘Togo’ is a song about a ‘Lord of The Rings’ type character, a strong melody over a jazz-rock rhythm and the tape ends on From The Cave Came…’ a slightly disjointed song that doesn’t hold your attention and lacks a strong tune.

Overall though, this is a damn fine start for a young band.

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