St George’s Hall, Bradford (22 /1/ 82) KAREN HARVEY
GIRL – BIG in Japan but then who isn’t? So far this band just haven’t been able to gain the respect of the British fans, even though they’ve had plenty of live exposure and have two respectable albums behind them. It seems that their image has failed them, and they’ve desperately tried to undo the damage their ‘mascara’ look has inflicted.

But this show was a different story. To say their reception was warm would be like saying UFO were pedestrian! From the moment Phil Lewis (now sporting the rugged look including leg warmers for street credibility) clambered and embraced himself on stage, the hall became almost menacing. Was this the same Girl that died a death at Bristol? Well, it seems the British rock fan is still undecided whether it’s ‘hip’ to like these rather controversial but likeable characters.

Guitarists Gerry Daffy and Phil Colleen deftly carried out some intricate fretwork in a set full of underrated songs from their two LPs ‘Hollywood Tease’, ‘Doctor Doctor’ (no, not that one!) and ‘My Number’ hold the interest as the crowd at least seemed familiar with the material. But the best of the new ‘Wasted youth’ material was received with the same enthusiasm. Does this now qualify Girl for being ‘Big in Bradford’ as well?

‘Wasted Youth’ (Jet LP 238) February 1982
TWO YEARS ago Girl emerged onto the British music scene with an auspicious debut in ‘Sheer Greed’. They gained nationwide exposure opening for UFO, but reaction to the band was somewhat indifferent. They were all too often dismissed for their penchant for make-up and Britt Ekland associations. Subsequently they were to endure constant hassles with management and their record company, resulting in a protracted absence of fresh vinyl product.

Here we are at the start of ’82 and once again Girl have been touring the country with UFO.

Their second album has finally surfaced but to be quite frank it’s rather disappointing Although there are some good songs such as ‘Old Dogs’, ‘Ice In The Blood’ and the title track itself, these are hardly justified by the production. In fact many of the songs could be heard better in demo form. It’s a pity because Girl always had the potential to score well. Their major problem has been establishing a direction for themselves – ‘Wasted Youth’ has done little to help them. Perhaps they’ll find joy in the States, where they’ll soon be playing, but I’d like to think that they might sort themselves out by the third album provided the record company beers with them, Don’t dismiss them yet.

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