GEDDES AXE – Armed And Ready, 1981

GEDDES AXE found inspiration for their name in the unlikliest of places – a school textbook entitled British Economic And Social History, 1700-1977. Seems like an MP with the surname of Geddess reduced educational ependiture in an Act Of Parliament. So stringent was the cutback that it became known as the Geddes Axe… the rest is history.

Andy Millard (vocals), Martin Wilson (guitar), Andrew ‘Baz’ Barrot (guitar), Mick Peace (bass) and Dave Clayton (drums) are the band. Their music has been described as ‘an effective mixture of ‘Farewell To Kings’ Rush and ‘Killing Machine’ quality Judas Priest, with the odd section of ‘Status Quo Live’ thrown in for good measure.

Confused? You won’t be if you buy the band’s self-financed ‘Return Of The Gods’ EP. It’s out now and it really is an essential purchase.


Live Ad-Lib, Kensington XAVIER RUSSELL
IF I was a member of Geddes Axe, I would be feeling more then a little peeved off, at the poor attendance, on this cold Thursday evening, in mid-November. Mind you having said that the Ad-Lib, isn’t the easiest of venues to get to, and is too far of the beaten track, for yer average H.M. fan to find.

Still the few that did show up seemed to enjoy the show, but I was disappointed, and got the feeling the axe were just going thru the motions, even Kerrangs own Paul Suter whom, I seemed to re-call raved about the G.A.’s last year when they played a showcase gig at the Marquee, was seen to be shaking his head sadly, and said that the boys have definitely gone down hill, and accused ’em of turning into a trash metal band. Apparently they favoured Rush / Sabbath crossover materiel last time out.

Starting off with ‘Rock’N’Roll Is The Way’, a Def Leppard influenced song, with catchy twin lead attack, I thought these boys could do no wrong. But when they followed that with ‘Life In London’ and ‘Wild Fire’, I began to realise, Geddes Axe, were living on borrowed time, ok they may hail from the same heavy metal steel town as the aforementioned Leppard, but to start cloning them is unforgivable, and the funny thing was, that a rather quite and subdued Joe Elliot was sitting in the corner, and couldn’t keep the grin off his boat. “Anyone heard of Kiss”, shouted vocalist Tony Rose, as he introduced, ‘Detroit Rock City’, and the reply was a loud and clear, “NO”. Surprisingly enough they turned in quite a good cover version of the Stanely-penned classic, the twin lead axe attack of Messrs., Martin Wilson and Nick Brown being spot-on. ‘666’, which promptly followed, was very amusing, as the title suggests, even the Ozzy sounding evil laugh was thrown in for good measure, but during ‘Escape From New York’, I escaped to the bar, for a much needed pint and found the rest of their set boring end tedious.

A pity coz lead guitarist Martin Wilson is a fine axe man, and I got the feeling he was playing material he wasn’t really at home with. Maybe a return to the Rush-influenced sound would do Geddes Axe a power of good. Or maybe I caught ’em on an off night.

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