Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982

SGBH: a bit of a Venom situation as regards this one. For GBH is a popular name: to my knowledge there are at least three bands playing the circuit under this label, the most famous/notorious of which is a punk band, recently signed to the Clay Records label.

However, while the spikey tops’ moniker is probably an abbreviation for ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’, this here HR band have taken the initials from its previous incarnation, Great British Heroes.

The Heroes were well-known on the London gig circuit and once released a single on Lightning Records. When they split late last year dual guitarists Graham Reed and Mick Feleppa began the search for members to form a new band.

First acquisition was Phil Lewis lookalike Steve Wilde (ex-May West remember their track on ‘Brute Force’, MCA’s answer to EMI’s ‘Metal For Muthas’?). The five man line-up was completed by the arrivals of bassist Andy Jack (late of Vibrators spin-off group Knox) and drummer Graham Roberts (one-time skins beater with Bird Of Prey, alongside Paul Di’Anno, current Iron Maiden vocalist).

GBH will embark on a ‘First Offence’ tour at the tail end of August, concentrating on venues in London and South-East England. Later in the year they plan to cover other parts of the UK, hopefully as support act on a major tour.

Having rather unprofessionally lost my copy of GBH’s demo tape, I’ll leave it to the band to describe their music. A solid. jazz-like rhythm section backs a harmonic twin guitar attack, complementing the raunchy vocals’ they report, adding that this combination ‘just can’t fail to leave an audience demanding more’. We shall see.

4 responses to “GBH

  1. I was in this band known as ‘Havoc’ and replaced andy Jack on bass…..We pplated a few gigs in 1981 including the Marquee in Londons Wardour Street, and London’s Rock Garden. Songs known as ‘Treat Me Rough’ and ‘London Cowboys’ were crowd pleasers. Demo tape is rare but well recorded.

      • Hi there – Thanks yes I have some stills from the ‘Rock Garden’ gig we played in November of 1981. I’ve also tracked down my old guitarist friend, who informs me that he has found the GBH
        demo. Let me know how to send some jpegs to this site….

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