Armed And Ready – Kerrang! August 1982 PAUL MAHER

HAILING FROM MANCHESTER, the band have built a solid reputation on constant touring – in 16 months they’re managed to pack over 200 gigs under their collective belts. They list Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin and similar ‘electric blues’ artists as major influences, while their moniker is lifted from a character in the Michael Moorcock novel ‘Winds Of Limbo’.

Fireclown comprises Tony Dowler (lead guitar and vocals), ‘Gyp’ Nicholson (rhythm guitar), Pete Dutton (bass) and Graham Darbishire (drums), and despite their youth they wield a wealth of experience. Pete Dutton, for instance was previously in a band called Freeze, along with Tony Bourge and Ray Phillips (ex-Budgie no less), though he soon found life in Wales a little dull for an urban dweller and returned to join Fireclown.

Loyal believers follow the band everywhere, proudly displaying their t-shirts and badges and conversing on first name terms with this street-level group.

They (rightly) feel that their extensive gigging has given them the edge over many of their contemporaries. They are booked solid for the immediate future, but plan a respite soon in which their full energy will be unleashed in the studio.

FIRECLOWN: ‘Magic’ (Fireclown)
Very powerful guitar drives along a song that some big names would probably pay a fortune to cover! ‘Invasion on the flip of this ten incher is good too, so why aren’t Fireclown better known?

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