Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982 CHRIS WELCH

HARD-ROCKING funsters from South London, the Rusty Nuts may yet crack the barriers to fame and fortune with a single they’ve been trying to get out for a year. ‘Just For Kicks’ is the motor-biking anthem that’s been delighting Nut fanciers at club gigs, and is at last due for release on the Cook King label.

Dumpy is the leader, guitarist, singer and composer who makes all the rude raspberry noises that kick off the song, and although he’s sometimes a little grumpy, particularly when his band arrive late for a gig, he has a blunt sense of humour that delights the fans.

Originally Dumpy’s Dirt Band, they reformed a year ago with new boys Chris Hussey on Drums and Mac McKenzie on bass guitar and vocals. Chris and Mac used to be in Nuthin’ Fancy, one of the groups that should have made it in 1981, but didn’t. The Blues Band have taken a keen interest in the Nuts and their bassist Gary Fletcher produced the single.

They have no management as yet, but a lot of people are hoping this unpretentious cheerful mob achieve recognition beyond Peckham.

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