The Ruskin Arms, London 1983

THE POSTERS advertising this gig promised a dose of Mascara Mayhem but what really transpired was an evening of Maiden Mimickry.

East London’s Destroya (as opposed to the similar sounding -er band) are by no means total clones, but for the most part of their set they rely heavily on the Maiden’s influences. Andy Diamond’s vocals throughout the early stages absolutely reek of Paul Di’Anno in both feel and phrasing. And Brian Genocide, although a little more simplistic in technique, is without doubt a scholar of the Steve Harris School of Bass Playing.

More than half of the numbers that Destroys played seemed to degenerate into “Phantom Of The Opera”-style rifferamas which was a shame as some of the less derivative numbers did show promise. One such number was “The raze” which had a throbbing bassline and interesting recurring riff. The encore of their anthem “Destroya” also was a highly impressive chunk of adrenal in-charged metal.

But they still have a lot to learn about stage presence. The way to get an audience going is not to shout “f***ing wake up you f***ing sods”, and bassist Genocide should perhaps think a little more before mouthing off to the people who pay his wages.
In all fairness to the band I must point out that this current line-up has been together for a mere three weeks and they assure me that most of the set is to be re-written in the near future. If the Iron Maiden Influences can be disposed of or capitalised on they may stand a chance, but otherwise I can’t really see them breaking out of the pub’n’club circuit.

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