Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982

DEMON PACT for a change, are a band who hail from the South of England, specifically Hayes, near Bromley, Kent. Donald Meckiffe (vocals), Richard Dickerson (guitar/, Roy Bridle (bass) and lain Finlay (drums) make up the band, averaging a tender 20 years of age each.

These condemnable cannibals take the Blitzkrieg single ‘Buried Alive’ one stage further, their recently released 45 being called ‘Eaten Alive’.

It’s a delightfully distasteful slab of vinyl, containing lyrics that include the phrases ‘tasty meat’ and ‘cutting off the rind’, a line that runs ‘You chew but she’s too tough’ and plenty of references to the healthy activity of, uh, throwing up.

It’s out now on Slime (yes, that’s Slime) Records and if your stomach’s rumbling in anticipation drop a line to the group’s management.

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