Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982

DEEP MACHINE were formed in the summer of ‘ 79 by guitarist Bob Hooker, but have since had many line-up changes and are now happy with their current, settled and most successful line-up.

The group is: John Wiggins (lead guitars), Bob Hooker (lead guitars), Andy Wrighton (bass), Roger Marsden (lead vocals) and Rick Bruce (drums). The band have played a great deal around South East London, Essex and Kent areas and have built up a large following among HM fans (They play regularly at Iron Maiden’s old training ground, East Ham’s Ruskin Arms and are greatly appreciated there).

Deep Machine’s show is an over the top mixture of mass pyrotechnics, hard driving metallic rifts, together with screaming guitar solos and lead vocals, and a visually stunning stage act.

The band are inspired by anything from Judas Priest to Motorhead, but strive to keep their show and music a little different from the rest.

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