DEADLY EMBRACE: Armed And Ready February 1982 HOWARD JOHNSON

ALTHOUGH ONLY together for a mere five months. Deadly Embrace have played over 30 gigs in the Manchester and Liverpool areas, and with a four track demo to their name, seem to have made a promising start to their career. So how cum the name is so little known?

“Basically, the tape is the work of only one day’s recording and we felt that it just was not good enough to hawk around the record companies.” guitarist Stu Green told me. “The main purpose for the demo was to enable us to get gigs by giving it out to pubs and clubs as a sampler. We want to spend much longer in the studio next time and produce, say two tracks of excellent quality. Then the companies will hear from us.”

The band is comprised of Stu on guitars and vocals, Neil Burke handling lead vocals, Keith Ingham on bass, Nick Young as drummer and Steve Redford on guitar, and as a whole they have opted for trying to keep off the pub circuit now, as they fell it’s too stagnant, and attempt to play in colleges and the like – something they have managed on occasions, with surprising results.

“We played a college in Liverpool”, Stu explains “and ended up playing support to Weapon Of Peace, a reggae bandy Actually we got an encore, and they were really friendly, so it turned out OK.

Despite the fact that Embrace reckon their demo, is not good enough for company consumption it is available to the public for $1 and while not having the same knockout effect as the Montrose debut, it is nevertheless enjoyable for its enthusiasm and occasional subtlety. ‘War Dancer’ is probably a good headshaker but is simply not my style of hard rock and – ‘Rainbow Warrior’ is somewhat clumsy in trying to be sensitive. Having said this however the demos other two tracks ‘Strings’ and ‘What Does It Take’ are both excellent in different ways. The former is a delicate, yet heavily melodic number, and the latter, a heartfelt, gutsy proclamation of the joys of playing, despite the hardships.

Neil claims ‘There’s always room for another great band ‘ Deadly Embrace aren’t great yet, but they may well mature to be so.

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