JULY 1982


FOLLOWING the success of last year’s Radio Trent. Castle Rock Roadshow they’ve now decided to jump on the Caroline bandwagon (and why not?) and have them on a more regular basis.

The line-up for this first of the new batch of roadshows featured three names to watch out for from the Midlands. Saracen, Dawn Trader and Diamond Head.

Not surprisingly, the biggest cheer of the night was reserved for local heroes Dawn Trader. Faced with a few hundred headbangers yet to be converted to Tradesmen, the band set about achieving this conversion with all the fervour of a missionary padding up the Nile.

Like the other two bands, Trader have product out at the moment, in their case a cassette, and they took the opportunity to plug it, along with their future Bernie Marsden produced LP set to feature Such classics as ‘Roller’. ‘Angel’, ‘Pose? and ‘Take The Money And Run’ all of which point to the fact that Wayne Wizard and ex-Noel Redding man Andy Keeley are axe heroes of the future.


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