Armed And Ready – Kerrang! STEVE SMITH

CONTRARY TO popular belief Dawn Trader is not one of the Harlots out of the latest Metal video. They, not she, are a heavy rock band housed up there amongst the Oaks and Elms of Robin’s forest.

Risking the wrath of the tyrannical sheriff the goodly people of this town break the curfew to meet at the Tavern known as The Hearty Goodfellow, to sup ales and hear the minstrels sing of Robin Hood.

Well it ain’t quite like that nowadays, but it’s one way of saying that the Hearty is one of Dawn Trader’s stamping grounds.

Chances are that if you live in the Midlands you’ll have seen Dawn Trader supporting the tikes of Def Leppard, Magnum, Krokus, Sweet and Susan Fassbender! And it’s not been unknown for a certain Bernie Marsden to run onstage as well.

Dawn Trader were formed about two years ago. The current line up, Mick Preston – vocals. Steve Humphreys – guitar, Wayne Wizard – guitar. Ric Evens – bass and Keith White – drums have been together for about a year. So far they have released a tour track EP and if you hurry you might pick up one of the last copy’s left in the shops.

Their demo tape is made up of four tracks: “Roller”, “Whole Lotta Trouble”, “Angel”, and “Flash in the Sky”. The material is similar to that performed by the likes of Praying Mantis.

“Angel” is one of the beat tracks I’ve heard this year. If the opening line “Feeling the power between your legs” doesn’t kill you then the twin guitar harmony of Humphreys and Wizard will.

Yea, verily, this tape hathe a goodly collection of odes. If the Sheriff’s man from a record company would arrest this band of scallywags a crock of gold would be had by all.

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