Armed And Ready August 1982

“CYRKA ATTEMPT to offer a well executed performance of music, lights, tape effects and pyrotechnics, formulated to produce a complete professional show.”

Pulled from the back of the mucho expensive pamphlet that arrived with this tape, the above statement seems to suggest Cyrka are aiming for the tops in a big way, and judging from their demo, it shouldn’t be a life-time before they reach it.

The band itself seems to be the brainchild of one Jan Cyrka. After various line-up changes, he settled (wisely) for Paul Farrell or drums, Steve Holten, bass and Cyrka himself handling vocals and guitars (plus the odd keyboards thrown in here and there).

On first play it would be easy to brush Cyrka off with numerous other Rush-type klones doing the rounds. Not the case however. After depressing the rewind button a few more times I noticed similarities outside the confines of Mr. Peart and Co. F’rinstance, Cyrka’s guitar is so fast and melodic he could easily rate alongside such noticeables as Dave Murray and Aldo Nova (which is no easy thing, I’m sure you will agree).

The trouble with most demos is they only contain a couple of tracks (in some cases that can be a blessing!!) Understandable when you consider the high studio-time costs these days. Cyrka’s tape, containing two songs, ‘Song For Brezhnev!’ and ‘Sullen Scene’, is so good I found myself waiting for more music.

Although they claim to have made an impression on The Northern rock circuit, they’ve yet to hit the South. So lads, if your management would like to drop me a line arranging a place where I could catch the full show, I’d be glad to bring my old note book along.

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