Armed And Ready 1983 MALCOLM DOME

IF YOU LIKE your metal over-running with grossly gargantuan licks, delivered by what looks like a renegade bunch of mutant glamsters, then Crash KO are the ones for you.

Featuring vocalist Steve Denham, bassist Hick Page, drum-smith Ace Finchum, and the hot-poopin’ Phil Vokins on guitar, the band have only just recently formed, but already sound good enough to frazzle the make-up smiles from off the Wrathchild visage.

Make no mistake, whilst many in the glam field are content merely to tart up their image end ignore the rather necessary adjunct of strong music, this lot most certainly go for broke at every opportunity. Numbers such as ‘Shout It Out, ‘Victim Of The Twilight’, and Gods Will Fly’ are high on raw energy, whilst still managing to wield a hefty tune.

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