February 1983

BREAK OUT yer stack-heels, and dab on the make-up, ‘cos the glamsters have escaped once more from their cage! Yes folks, the long-mooted revival seems once more to have been given the green light. A gala night is in prospect on Friday, March 18, when Salford College Of Technology hosts what they claim to be the worlds first ever glam rock festival.

Although the bill for this orgy of mascara ‘n’ mayhem hasn’t yet been completed, CHINA ROGUES, WRATHCHILD, SILVERWING, CLOVEN HOOF and SACRED ALIEN have confirmed their participation. The organisers are hoping to persuade a “major name” to headline the affair, but just who they have in mind isn’t at all certain. Aside from the live n’ pretty boyzz on-stage, the festival will also feature a glam-rock and a host of guest stars. On the latter point, the mega-likes of Suzi Quatro, Gary Glitter, Noddy Holder, Twisted Sister, David Bowie, Sweet and Kiss have all been invited to stick their platform boots round the door.

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