Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1981

Ian Heys (guitar/vocals), Brian Evans (bass) and Mark Biddiscombe (drums) gigged in and around the Midlands for a solid year but sadly gained precious little attention from any of the major record companies’ A&R men.

Dejected by this lack of recognition, Chainsaw decided to take the initiative and do it themselves. First they printed T-shirts, badges, stickers and posters, emblazoning them all with their distinctive logo (A biker astride a flaming machine giving passers-by the V-sign). Then they released their debut single; a lumbering social commentary entitled ‘Police and Politicians’.

Recently the group have undergone a change of line-up. Brian Evans has left due to a bad case of ‘Dobies Itch’ (whatever that is) and has been replaced by one Martin Orum, formerly a member of a band called Withered Man…. yet another superbly-named outfit.

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