Armed And Ready – Kerrang! 1982

BUFFALO is a truly horrendous moniker, conjuring up the worst of NWOBHM cliches and attitudes, and I would strongly advise the guys in the band to induce a name change or be pre-judged with all the wrong ideas by a vast amount of punters.

Yet the band is not, in fact, a raucous, unprofessional, sexist group of upstarts, but rather four experienced musicians with a penchant for hard, tuneful songs. They now have little to do with the dreary ‘Battle Torn Heroes’ song which appeared on the worst compilation album ever- namely ‘New Electric Warriors’ and as a single on Heavy Metal Records.

The current line-up of Buffalo is: Mick Priestley on lead guitar, vocalist and guitarist Mick Bailey, Gary Short on bass and newest recruit, drummer Gary Taylor, while the next recorded piece of Buffalo is due in June on the Heavy Metal label once more. The release will be a single, namely ‘Mean Machine’ ‘The Rumour’ but as Mick Priestley explained, it is rather a false representation of Buffalo:

‘The single was put down a long time ago with our old line-up so it has little to do with the current Buffalo. Our last demo is far more relevant.’ This five track demo is a vast improvement on previous band output, containing solid rock songs such as ‘Detroit Motor City’, ‘Back To The Wall’ and the old Spencer Davis Group chestnut ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ ‘ and while it wouldn’t set the world on fire, being dismissed by more fashion conscious people as dated and irrelevant, I know that it would appeal to many an HM disco-goer. HM disco fans are not A8R men, however, as Mick has discovered.

`We were very pleased with the demo and sent it off to twelve different A8R departments with high hopes. So far we’ve heard nothing. They haven’t even had the decency to return the tape. It seems to me that if you don’t mention devil worship and that kind of demonism in your songs, then you can’t get anywhere!

‘Another blow to us was that we were due to record an album for Heavy Metal Records titled ‘In The Flesh’, but now the owner of the label has said that he doesn’t like the material, so we may not be able to go ahead with it.’

Mick is genuinely perplexed at this negative response but doggedly refuses to give up:

‘We keep gigging around our home areas of Manchester and Blackburn and hope that something will turn up. We’ve had good reactions in the past and useful support slots have come our way, such as with Motorhead. Gillan and The Pirates. We own six tons of gear so we have the potential, and we may be going to Canada for seven weeks’ work soon’. Are you listening A&R men?

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