BANDANNA – Armed And Ready, February 1982

AS WELL as being an Indian silk scarf, Bandanna is also the name of the latest band to come out of the Mecca of Mayhem, namely Birmingham. Yet despite an underground club scene that makes the current London one look pathetic, up and coming Heavy Metal bands receive almost no exposure (outside of these columns) are often forced to split without their true talents ever seeing the light of day.

Formed just over a year ago Bandanna; Dave Kirby (vocals), Pete Butler and Marc Whitehouse (guitars), Micky Hackett (bass) and Paul Thurlow (drums), have been slogging away at the local cicuit despite setbacks that would make most bands call it a day. Disaster number one was when Marc had his car stolen from outside a gig, followed a few weeks later by drummer Paul Thurlow having his prized Fibes double bass kit stolen from the band’s van.

But this isn’t a sob story because Bandanna, it seems, are about to put their past behind them and go for broke. Several independent labels have at last, via the bands loyal following, caught onto their original brand of boogie metal and from the live tapes of the band it’s no surprise. Notably ‘Do You Want It?’ with its AC/DC style and duelling guitars. Even the more catchy ‘Hard Man’ doesn’t slow the pace, and after ‘Easy Come Easy Go’, with its Coverdale style vocal, there isn’t a dry armpit in the house.

Even better news is that the band should be setting up a string of gigs across the country, so keep an eye out for them.

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